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ReZurreKtion, a renewal of things that have been lost or forgotten. 

Our mission here is to bring a resurgence of understanding to who You are. 

We use a perfectly imperfect combination of both Ancient and Modern

wholeness modalities that nurture, love and feed all of your seven subtle bodies. 

Respectfully allowing You to rise revitalized and re-energized. 

Truly bringing You to “A New Life Experience.”

Judy Sassy Bradshaw


Judy has spent a lifetime learning and educating herself. From her early days at

Summer Rockology Class, collecting and picking up things that would make most of us squeal!

To mastering 15 years at the IRS and more than a dozen years as a Software Quality

Assurance Analyst, Mortgage Loan Officer, and now Skin and Energy Magician. 

Judy began her current journey working with Ann Waters RN, LSW at the Crystal Cocoon Healing

Center where she met and worked with some truly amazing people.  She has over 3 years of intensive

study with Crystal Master, Dan Dougherty. Judy is a Master Aromatherapist,

a Reiki Master Teacher, and then oh ya, A Licensed Master Aesthetician. 

Aside from making people Beautiful and teaching those interested in the fine art of

spinning Energy, she also somehow has found time to develop, manufacture, bottle and retail

her very own All Organic Skin Care Line (you should try some, you should you should). 

Yup, Matthew doesn’t get much sleep………….  A small price to pay he says for getting to be a

part of this wonderful woman’s life who has given so much to so many and labors each and every

day to bring healing back to what it once was and always should be.

Spend an hour on her table and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about. 

Don’t say I didn’t warn you though, she is an addiction!

Matthew Cox

Overlord of Operations, Laundry Ogre & Scheduler Extraordinaire!

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