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Cold Wrap $100.00

Designed to aid with imbalances that cause inflammation by cooling without shocking & detoxifying with just the perfectly balanced mix of herbs & oils.

Body Contour Wrap $100.00

An All-Natural holistic contour wrap that aids in the loss of cellulite and circumference inches.

Herbal Manifestation $80.00

These herbal wraps aid in circulatory stimulation and help the body detoxify.

Illumination $70.00

An exfoliation and moisturizing ritual for the entire body, for soft, silky glowing skin.

Back Facial $70.00

​A Refreshing, Renewing & Relaxing treatment specifically for the skin on the back.

Hand $50.00 and/or Foot Renewal $75.00

Soothe, soak, primp, cleanse, exfoliate, massage, hydrate, mask and moisturize from fingers to elbow and/or toes to knees.

Reiki Foot Soak $70.00

​Crystal, Reiki and Essential Oil charged combination, combined with a foot reflexology treatment.  A little bit of Heaven on Earth.

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Body rituals

ImbYou $100.00

A full body treatment that aids with circulation, relaxation & skin hydration.       

Intimate Steaming $75.00

Specifically selected essential oils, steam and detoxify your Southern Hemisphere while you relax with a head, neck and shoulder massage along with a mud womb wrap and Reiki Treatment.  

Intimate Facials $60.00

Pretty Kitty: A luxurious cleansing, masking and hydrating, for the prettiest kitty in town.                 


Handsome Tom: A luxurious cleansing, masking and hydrating, for the coolest kat around.                      


Sweet Cheeks: A luxurious cleansing, masking and hydrating, for the sweetest cheeks ever.                  

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