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Elemental Massage $80.00

Designed to bring relaxation to the entire body! This massage works to increase the level of oxygen in the blood while decreasing muscle toxins and improving circulation and flexibility.

Therapeutic Massage $90.00

Designed to relieve the body of imbalances that can cause pain, or to break down scar tissue. It also helps improve blood circulation, and through the techniques applied, bring balance and harmony to the body. 

Lymphatic Massage $90.00

Designed to encourage the body to detoxify itself. This gentle massage can aid with Edema (Swelling), Pre and Post Plastic surgery, and Liposuction. It assists in the reduction of cellulite, scar tissue, spider veins, redness, and acne. 

Pre-Natal (Pregnancy) Massage $90.00

Designed to address the imbalances that can come from the beauty of creating another being. This massage aids in promoting overall wellness, the relief of backaches, stiff neck, legs cramps, headaches, and insomnia. 

Reflexology $60.00

Designed for the pressure points on the feet or hands. This controlled pressure modality aids in the release of discomforts that may come from illness, stress, or injury. Reflexology can also promote good health and aid in the prevention of discomforts or imbalances that arise with everyday life.

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Massage Therapy

All Massages are a FULL

60 minutes of "table time".

So please expect to be here

at least 70 minutes

for dress and undress time.



We use a locally made massage oil made from natural ingredients that is sensitive to all skin types.

Each massage is paired with a hot towel foot wrap that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed!



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